Sophie's Soho

Enjoy our meal deal combination ticket, including admission to BODY WORLDS London and a 2-course meal at Sophie’s Soho and Bar for a luxurious add-on to your visit. This British restaurant boasts an open kitchen and beautiful setting, a stylish way to round up your visit to Piccadilly Circus, the bustling heart of the Capital!

Sophie’s is a steak restaurant just a 2-minute stroll away from the exhibition, known for their native-bred British beef, dry aged and butchered in-house. You’ll also have the choice of homemade burgers, roast chicken, and a late-night cocktail bar.

•    Available from 12-6pm, Sunday-Friday (Saturday not available)
•    Prices start at £25 for the combined ticket
•    Fine range of items on Kids, Teen and Adult Menu
•    Fantastic atmosphere for families, couples, and groups

You can plan your meal either before or after your BODY WORLDS London visit as the time slot only applies to your entry to the exhibition.

Sophie's Menu